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Phonegap Developer App for Debugging

Developer App to develop and test apps

The pain in app development with PhoneGap is that to test an app you have to build and deploy it on the device attached to your machine. And repeat for every change.

PhoneGap Developer App ( provide a way to develop and test apps on your device at the same time without needing to build/compile.

The PhoneGap Developer App is available for all major mobile platforms from:- ( Apple app store, ( Google play store, ( and the Microsoft Windows app store.

How the Phonegap Developer app works?

  • This app basically allows you to see any changes you make update in real time on your device. How wonderfully Adobe has used Weinre, websockets etc to make a classy useful app!
  • Prerequisites: Npm Node.js and Cordova ClI tools
  • Download PhoneGap Developer mobile app from app stores to your phone device
  • Create or open an app as usual in the CLI:-
    $ cordova create myApp 
    $ cd myApp 
  • Pair or link up the CLI and Developer App. assuming Cordova 4+. Make sure your device and development machine are connected to same network and your firewall is not blocking any external connection. In my case both are connected to the same wifi network.
     $ cordova  serve 
  • Open the Phonegap Developer app on your device. Click that box in the center with the IP address, and enter the IP address you see in your console. In my case, it is, see(the port 3000) so you’d enter that full number in the developer app, and press connect.
  • That is it! Now you can edit your project files as needed, and when you save you will see your changes in real time on your device.
  • Latest phonegap developer app released by Adobe

Why you should go for PhoneGap development?

  • Boost your ROI. Different app operating systems and app stores mean more marketing outlets which are desirable. Apps developed using PhoneGap are high on functionality and are user friendly. Great quality app and versatile usage increases its viability and return of investment.
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