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Why cross platform PhoneGap app? Using Apache Cordova 6.0

You would get quadruple benefits with using our experienced PhoneGap Android and iOS developers . Almost a single code base but your app will be in the Apple, Google, Firefox and Windows app stores. PhoneGap is Adobe's application development framework, works with the cloud compiler system Adobe Phonegap Build. PhoneGap helps with cross-platform mobile application development, mainly Android and Apple IOS. These cross platform apps are designed to function in 7 different platforms including Android, Windows, Amazon and Apple iOS.

PhoneGap development uses scripting languages and encapsulated interfaces with the native core that helps in accessing any of the resources of the device. The source code can be uploaded to a cloud compiler using Adobe's PhoneGap Build Service functionality.

Specializing in the following business domains:

  • Healthcare and Medical apps
  • Entertainment Music and Bands apps : Hollywood / Bollywood
  • Business Enterprise apps
  • Travel apps
  • E books apps
  • Restaurant Apps
  • Salon Apps
  • Bank apps and Real Estate Apps
  • Dental Apps
  • Small Business Apps

Why for PhoneGap Developer Services?

  • Get the Quadruple benefits the fastest ( comparing PhoneGap vs Titanium)
  • Experienced PhoneGap developers used to Adobe software functionalities for 14 years
  • Developers proficient in Java,HTML5,JS, node.js for backend APIs
  • Quality services at affordable rates
  • Speedy delivery of project
  • Immediate resolution for problems arising during the development phase
  • User-friendly interface design
  • Remote maintenance
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Hassle-free communication - high quality English as native
  • Easy access to assistance even after project delivery.
  • Thorough documentation
  • and not the least 'We try harder'.

Clients can test various types of application interfaces suited for different mobile functions using PhoneGap SDKs. The PhoneGap APIs are responsible for the development of very useful applications.

Adobe PhoneGap facilitates following mobile hardware APIs:

  • Compass Sensor, Accelerometer and camera sensors
  • Geolocation GPS & Storage
  • Globalization
  • Connection to the Internet to use APIs like Google Games, Google Fitbit, Game Center, advertising with AdMob, RevMob, ChartBoost etc
  • Augmented reality
  • Sqlite database
  • Sound pool and native audio/video
  • And around 1800 plugins for anything you may think of under the auspices of the wonderful Apache Foundation or Adobe Corporation or Telerik Verified Plugins.
  • Cordova vs Phonegap : Both are the same but different (!) like Redhat and CentOS in Linux distributions. Apache Cordova is opensource.

Our Cross Platform PhoneGap Services:

  • E-Commerce, social networking and business based mobile solutions
  • Existing applications ported to native mobile applications
  • Consulting to create a PhoneGap app
  • We bring your app ideas to life. If you think your app concept is full of complexities, bring it to us. Our professional PhoneGap developers will match up to your expectations by delivering you their best.
  • We have developed extensive experience in developing the mobile application using PhoneGap.

Why you should go for PhoneGap development?

  • Engage a larger audience in many operating systems. Very soon it is guaranteed that 'purely native' would be obsolete
  • With PhoneGap development, you develop a mobile app just once which can be seamlessly deployed across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc. This way your app gets an exposure to a larger audience. At the same time you don’t have to pay separately for app development for each mobile platform.

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Boosting your Return of Investment

  • Different app operating systems and app stores mean more marketing outlets which are desirable. Apps developed using PhoneGap are high on functionality and are user friendly. Great quality app and versatile usage increases its viability and return of investment.
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