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Usefulness and Importance of Databases SQL and NOSQL

A large amount of information is organized, stored and managed by a database management system stores. Information management is done by the database service. It acts as an important tool to solve any problem in information management. Efficient management of data is of great importance to users, because it allows users to perform any number of tasks easily. Data management system is useful for any organization or mobile app back end because it provides a highly tested method for handling various types of data at one go.

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If organization categorizes and structures the data in such a manner that is suitable for the needs of the organization or mobile app, they can further benefit from database system. Designated users can access the data on a regular basis, if the data is organized in the system. Passwords are allotted to each of the users and with separate passwords; multiple users can also make use of the system in whatever way they want.

MongoDB and Hadoop are NoSQL databases useful in Big Data applications and MySQL and Oracle are Relational Database Management Systems used by most enterprises and web apps

At we also provide a wide range of associated services to our clients so that they can manage efficiently their existing database technology in a better and professional way or integrate the newer NOSQL technologies

Relational Database Management Systems

Data is normally stored in table format in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) or Relational Database Management System, which is a full-scale database management system (DBMS). Being stored in database tables, RDBMS is considered efficient and powerful. Each RDBMS table has database table rows and each of these rows has one or more database table fields. Thus, the same database can be seen in different ways for varied purposes. RDBMS store the data in a collection of tables, which might be related by common fields (database table columns). RDBMS also provide relational operators to manipulate the data stored into the database tables. Most RDBMS use SQL as database query language.

SQL: Most popular of the open source databases was Mysql which is now owned by Oracle corp. It supports various platforms like Linux and windows for also mobile back ends for use in RESTful services. For further details, visit

Oracle RDBMS: Oracle is designed for the enterprise and it is in its 11G Express form highly useful for SMEs

NOSQL Big Data Management Systems

NOSQL: For diverse JSON formatted data or document data NoSQL is useful, as it is a portable and fast with zero arbitrary limits. Further details visit Commonly used databases are Cassandra, Hadoop, CouchDB for mobile apps, REDIS,etc

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HADOOP: Originally invented by Yahoo it is widely used in big data analytics and usually a part of most big data solutions. With Pig and hive it a must use for big data analysis.

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We are a mobile app development and web design company that offers services to enterprises for Relational Database management and NOSQL databases integration and to maintain your database management system for your enterprise or mobile app back ends.