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Reasons to Use HTML5 for Mobile App Development

HTML5 Mobile applications

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HTML5 Android Application Development

HTML5 is a sophisticated markup language that enables content creation and maintenance on multi-platforms. Our expert team of developers work to seamlessly integrate content and design on any platform be it Android or the iPhone with the help of great frameworks like frameworks like PhoneGap or Apache Cordova,Titanium, Sencha, jQuery, JSON, Twitter Bootstrap CSS, Telerik Kendo UX, Backbone and Knockout js, CSS3 etc.
Html5 app development Cross Platform - How to get quadruple benefits, that is in 4 platforms? Contact us now for a quote.

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HTML5 Web app features

"We are building a better Internet" says Mozilla. HTML5 is the latest version of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). With CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets) it has come of age to help build performant web apps.

HTML5 with associated great JS frameworks make web applications and REST APIs highly sophisticated, for example, see GMail, the web app from Google.

CSS3 with modern features and functions, redefine web applications in a whole new way.

  • Responsive sites
  • Sophisticated Web applications
  • Supports multimedia (audio, video and canvas), Web RTC etc.
  • Semantically redefined elements
  • ( Shadow DOM
  • Mobile applications friendly

CSS3 Features

  • Font additions with webfonts
  • Flexbox and shaders
  • boarder images
  • Box shadow
  • Multiple backgrounds
  • CSS3 regions

Advantages of HTML5 /CSS3 web apps

  • Availability of distributing through the Internet
  • Availability and use of CSS3 animation help replace Flash with overall improving performance on any device.
  • Access to rich audio and video media.
  • Advanced UI/UX components.
  • Offline storage, Websql.
  • Cross platform mobile development.

We have been building web apps right from 2001 with PHP and Coldfusion and later HTML5 development services with the advent of the wonderful JQuery, © jQuery Foundation. If you require a HTML5 web app developed as a project feel free to contact us.