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  • Get developed highly robust, scalable and high-performant iPhone applications to boost your business.

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Open Source Software Engineering - Linux, PHP Programming

Open source, as the name states, it is available for free, allowing the user to download it for free and requires no licenses or registration keys. Open source development, best of them being LAMP development, which consists of four major open source technologies including Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

  • Linux - Linux works as an efficient open source operating system ( We have used it since Redhat 6.2 in 1998) used widely in desktop, laptops, and smartphones -Android (not open source) - Dalvik - sits on Linux base. We have been working on Linux from 2001, from the venerable RedHat Linux 6.2! to Novell Small Business Linux etc of old
  • Apache - Apache is the most popular open source web server - most websites run on it.
  • MySQL is a relational database management system (RDMS), presently owned by Oracle
  • PHP - Considered as the core of open source platform, PHP or Hypertext Protocol the sripting language of the web. Moreover, there are numerous open source frameworks based on PHP which includes Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP, phpBB, Drupal etc.

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Furthermore,open source platform has played an important role in providing state-of-the-art solutions for various industries ranging from oil & gas to shipping & logistics, manufacturing & retail to sales & marketing etc.

Advantages of Open Source Development

Some of the major advantages of open source software development are:

  • High performance with free availability, along with regular free updates ensuring that the development meets the cutting-edge market trends.
  • Best solutions for dynamic web development, web application development, CMS development, ecommerce development, online store and more.
  • Can be cross linked with various other programming languages such as C, C++, Ajax / jQuery, and more.
  • Can provide multilingual solutions, along with multiple payment gateways integrations.
  • Robust and quality solutions.
  • Quick deployment.
  • Availability of scripting languages which are 100% flexible.
  • Cross browser compatible solutions.
  • Large user community.
  • Availability of numerous templates, add-ons, plugins and themes.

Open Source Software Development in India

As a web design and web development company based in India, with over 14 years of industry experience we've maneuvered our way in delivering excellent quality solution for the most complex solutions based on open source . We deliver quality solutions for any mission critical project.

Open Source Technological Expertise

Open Source Software Engineering Project Expertise

  • Web Design / Mobile Website Design
  • Web Development / Website Development
  • Custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) Development
  • Ecommerce Development, engineering software
  • Online Store
  • Corporate Business Websites and SEO
  • Blog Sites Website Design
  • Web Application Development
  • And many more...

Besides, the expertise and knowledge we ensure that every project meets its specific requirements and is accomplished within a given timeframe.

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Open Source Development Advantage

  • Over 14 years of software industry experience.
  • Expertise on various open source software technologies.
  • Skilled pool of professional open source software developers.
  • Technology specific developers.
  • Solutions based on cutting-edge open source software technologies.
  • Successful execution of various projects based on open source technologies,in software development life cycle.
  • Technology specific and project specific solutions.
  • Ensuring that the given project meets the specific guidelines.
  • Enhancing / updating of your existing open source project On-time delivery.

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